Passover plate

by Shirya Yahav

On each table there should be a Passover plate with the 5 following items:

1 - Parsley & Celery leaves:

Wash the fresh Parsley & Celery leaves and put on the Passover plate.

On the table put a small bowl of salt water, to dip the leaves in it.

2 - Hard boiled egg:

On the Passover plate there should be one hard boiled egg.

On the side prepare an egg for each person participating to eat just before the meal.

You can also prepare the eggs as halves, in a decorative manner, on a separate plate on the table.

3 – A bone - Reminder of the Passover sacrifice:

On the Passover plate there should be a chicken drumstick or a bone of Lamb.

4 - Charoset (represents the mortar):


Dried fruits: Dates & Plums without pits, Figs. (about 1/3 of each fruit, but you can change the relation according to what you have available)

Boiling water

Red sweet wine


Soak the dried fruits in boiling water for about 1/2 - 1 hour to make them soft.

Pour the water out, but save some of it for later.

Put the fruits in an electric blender with strong blades to chop them into a smooth mixture. As you chop them, add some red wine to the mixture, and if needed, some of the water you used to soak the fruits. If you do not want to use wine for some reason, it is possible to use only the water, so that the mixture will be smooth & easy to spread.

The mixture should not be too "liquidy" nor too hard, It's texture should be good for spreading easily.

Last, add some Walnuts to the mixture and chop a little more, only so that the nuts are in small pieces and felt comfortably in the mixture. Do not chop the nuts too small.

The amount of dried fruits that are needed depends on the amount of Charoset you need to prepare. Calculate for each person to have at least 2-3 tablespoon of Charoset.

Store in a refrigerator.

5 - Maror (bitter herbs):


1 root of Horseradish, peeled.

1-2 Red Beets, cooked & peeled.

Salt about 2-3 teaspoons.

Vinegar 5-8 tbl spoons.

Sugar - a little, according to taste.

Cut the peeled Horseradish root into small pieces and put in a blender with strong blades.

Add the cooked Beet, in pieces, vinegar, salt & sugar.

Chop everything for about 4-6 minutes, until very small chopped, red mixture.

Taste it with a piece of bread. Add salt &/or sugar according to taste.

The mixture should not be too "liquidy", but well chopped.

The Maror should be sharp, bringing tears to your eyes…

The sharpness is determined by the relation between the horseradish & beet.

In addition to the Passover plate, there should also be Maza on the table.